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Jamaica Candle

Relive your time in paradise again and again with these 100% natural soy candles. Exotic with a sprinkling of hemp, peppercorn, melon and fig.   This aroma captures the essence and rhythms of Jamaica.   

7.5 oz 

Burns 60-80 hours

Glass Tumbler

What's to love

Island Caribe candle are uniquely scented with an exotic aroma that match the essence and spirit of their namesake Caribbean island. Lovingly hand poured, our candles are petroleum-free, non-toxic and lead free. This results in a cleaner and longer lasting burn.


100% Natural food grade soy wax from soy beans, natural non-diluted fragrance oils, 100% cotton wick.
Lead Free.

Containers comply with fire safety regulation recommended by the US National Candle Association.


Size:   Box, 3 3/8"W x 4 1/4"H

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