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About Us


Island Caribe products embodies the serenity, warmth and beauty of the Caribbean. Grounded in aromatherapy our products envelopes the senses, transporting you to the place of unhurried relaxation, sugary sand beaches and tranquil blue seas. Reconnect to you with Island Caribe.


We use plants, fruits and flowers from the tropical rain forests of the Caribbean and Yucatan Peninsula to create natural beauty products. For centuries peoples of this region have used healing botanicals like aloe, bamboo and sugarcane to nourish and protect against the elements.   Perfumes from the purest flowers have uplifted spirits and soothe the soul for generations.  Our unique formulation marries these time-tested natural remedies with 21st century science to create products that rejuvenates, heals and protects.  We are 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.  Our products are made with certified organic ingredients and pure, natural and FREE FROM petroleum, mineral spirits and sulphates.  Presented in simple, elegant packages, our containers are environmentally friendly and recyclable.


Our ethos is simple.  High quality, fair trade, life enriching and ecological accountability.  Originally formulated in Turks & Caicos, British West Indies, Island Caribe products are made in Canada to the highest cosmetics standards.  We trust that you'll enjoy the results and encourage you to come back to The Island soon!